Credit After Bankruptcy



It will not be difficult to re-build your credit after a bankruptcy filing.  Any debt that you keep through a bankruptcy (such as a home or vehicle) will automatically report on your credit report and start to re-build your credit score.  The important thing is to pay all debts on time after bankruptcy.  You may even qualify to buy a home two years after bankruptcy with a clean credit report after filing.  After you file, you may be surprised at the amount of credit card offers you will receive after bankruptcy.  Some creditors know that you can’t file again for some time and are therefore willing to extend credit. Be careful with this!

We will walk you through the process and make it as easy as possible.  Our attorneys have a combined experience of over 55 years and the goal of our office is to make filing for bankruptcy protection as simple and stress free as possible. After bankruptcy, our clients are usually excited to create a new budget that includes saving for the future!


Call 513-752-3900 to set up your free consultation to sit down and discuss your unique situation with an experienced attorney.  Our attorneys will advise whether bankruptcy is your best option. Fees are quoted based on your individual case.

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