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We are bankruptcy attorneys located in Eastgate, Ohio.  We specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings.

The weather is finally getting warmer.  Time for the rebirth of nature.  Spring is lovely with all of the birds, flowers and bright green grass, especially after the long, cold grey winter.

Sometimes we can get into a groove of a long grey financial winter.  You can never seem to get 14734987-businessman-in-crisis-on-the-rocksahead, always struggling.  Start to get a debt down and boom an emergency comes along and you must incur more debt.  Or maybe you just really don’t have enough income to cover your debts you are paying and after paying all month at the end you don’t have enough funds to cover your needs and there you are at the register again with the credit card, incurring more debt.  If you didn’t have all of those debts to pay you probably would have the funds to make it through each month.

Don’t you think it is time for a fresh start!  Let’s get a jump on your financial spring.  When everything is new again.  Bankruptcy can help you do this.  There is no reason to keep struggling, thinking some day you will be able to pay off this debt and have enough funds to make it through the end of the month.  Not to be a downer, but really, how?  Most carry so much debt they would need to get a tremendous raise in their income to overcome the debt and make some headway.  We all know in this economy that is not going to happen for most.

If you are struggling in such a manner it would be in your best interest to consider a bankruptcy filing.  Many believe that having to file is the end of the world and that they will lose everything they own and have worked so hard to get.  This is simply not true.  Thousands file for bankruptcy protection in the United States each year, it is just not something that people go around talking to each other about very often, but they do file.  As to your assets that you have acquired, most will be protected under the bankruptcy exemptions.

untitledaWhat exactly is bankruptcy?  Bankruptcy is a federal code which will allow you to discharge your debts, wipe them clean, get a fresh financial start!.  There are two main chapters for consumers, these are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.


Chapter 7 is the most sought after chapter.  Under this chapter you will be able to discharge all of your unsecured debts and get a fresh financial start.  You will not have to pay any of your debts.  Once you receive your discharge the creditors cannot harass you in anyway, including sending you bills, calling you, taking you to court or garnishing your wages.


Chapter 13 can help you save your home from foreclosure or if you are behind on your vehicle payments it can also stop a repossession of your vehicle.  Under this chapter you would make a monthly payment to the Chapter 13 Trustee and they would disburse this money monthly to your creditors.  Under this chapter you will pay back a portion of your unsecured debts anywhere from 1% to 100%.  After you complete your case you will receive a discharge of debts and a report of all debts which were paid through the case.


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Bankruptcy Consultation

We are bankruptcy attorneys located in Eastgate, Ohio.

Are you considering filing for bankruptcy protection?  If so, you should contact our office today and make your appointment for your free consultation.

At this free consultation you will be able to sit down with an experienced knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney.  He will listen to your situation and then be able to advise you which steps you need to take next.

You do not need to bring much to this free consultation.  Just basically bring yourself.  Everything you will need to know will be in your head.  Such as how much debt you have and what your income is.  Are you current on your home or are you behind, has there been a foreclosure filed?  Are you current on your vehicle or are you behind on your vehicle.  All of this information will allow for the attorney to determine which Chapter of bankruptcy would be best for you.

There are several bankruptcy chapters, but most consumers file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies.  What are the differences in the chapters?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is referred to as straight bankruptcy.  In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you will be able to discharge (clear) all of your unsecured debts while retaining secured items that you wish to keep and continue to pay on.  Once you receive this discharge your creditors cannot collect on this debt at anytime, now or in the future.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will stop all collection proceedings including, phone calls, mailings, garnishments and court proceedings.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is a re-payment plan that will stop a foreclosure or repossesion of a vehicle.  Chapter 13 Plans last for three to five years.  During this re-payment period you will be able to pay back all your missed payments on your home or vehicle.  Your creditors will file claims with the court to be paid and the Chapter 13 Trustee will disburse your funds to your creditors for you.  At the end of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you will receive a discharge under the bankruptcy code. 


Once you decide to file for bankruptcy protection and retain this office you will then be able to let your creditors know that you have decided to file for bankruptcy and refer them to our office.  This will relieve alot of stress for you.

A small retainer fee will get the process started, we will then accept monthly payments until your fees are paid in full.  At that point we would file your bankruptcy case.

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Bankruptcy is Designed to Help

We are a bankruptcy firm located in Eastgate, Ohio.

Are you struggling with debt and do no know where to turn or what to do? Every month in the red, using more credit just to try and stay afloat? What you should do is contact our Eastgate, Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney. At this free consultation you will be able to discuss all of your options and see if bankruptcy could help you get a fresh financial start.

Bankruptcy laws are designed to help people get out of debt and protect them from the collection practices of creditors. This includes phone calls, mailings, court proceedings and garnishments. If you need to file for bankruptcy this does not mean that you are a bad person, just that you a person who got into a rough financial spot and needed help to get out. The old stigma of bankruptcy is not so much anymore. Bankruptcy is really quite common in todays economy. The law change of 2005 did make is a little harder to file for bankruptcy, but it is still available. What the law did was made attorneys do more due diligence and added income guidelines for the debtor, but most can still qualify for a Chapter 7.

What is the difference between the bankruptcy chapters? Chapter 7, referred to a straight bankruptcy or liquidation bankruptcy is a bankruptcy designed to discharge all of your unsecured debts and give you a fresh financial start. Chapter 7 is sometimes called a liquidation bankruptcy because the Chapter 7 Trustee may liquidate some of your assets. However, there are exemptions available to protect your assets and most people who file for Chapter 7 are happy to find out that they are able to keep all of their assets while clearing off all of their unsecured debt. If you have secured debt, such as a home or vehicle that you would like to keep, you will just keep making your payments on these items and will most likely sign a reaffirmation agreement. A reaffirmation agreement is a bankruptcy document that you sign which declares the debt non-discharged and guarantees everything stays the same as before you filed for bankruptcy. It also guarantess that the creditor will report your payments to the credit reporting agencies, helping to rebuild your credit.

Once you file for bankruptcy protection all collection proceedings must stop. This includes but is not limited to phone calls, mailings, court proceedings and garnishments. You will receive your discharge in approximately 4 months after you file for bankruptcy protection.

If you are over income or behind on a secured debt which you would like to keep, then Chapter 13 bankruptcy is available for you. Chapter 13 is often referred to as a wage earner plan as you must have reliable income to qualify for a Chapter 13 as you will be making monthly payments to the Chapter 13 Trustee and they will be disbursing your monthly payments to your creditors. A Chapter 13 Plan must be at least 3 years and no longer than 5 years.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will stop a foreclosure or repossession and allow you to make up the payments you are behind over the 3-5 year process.

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