Life After Bankruptcy

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Many people find themselves feeling unworthy, depressed or frightened when considering going through a bankruptcy.  People who experience this process are always worrying about how to take care of their debts.  Bankruptcy should be looked at as a way to move forward, and get things back on the right financial track.  There are many reasons that people get off the right financial track, job loss, divorce and medical expenses are just a few.  You should not feel unworthy, depressed or frightened at this experience, bankruptcy does not mean that you are a bad person, just that you are a good person in a bad financial situation.  In bankruptcy you can discharge all of your unsecured debts and get the fresh financial start you are looking for.

I as author of this blog and just a regular working person I have had to go through this experience myself in the past.  This was a result of the most common kind, job loss and medical debt.  Once I made the decision to file for bankruptcy I felt a great relief as before that I really did not know much about bankruptcy, or even that it existed as a financial option, as this was many years ago.  But the decision was the right one for my household.  I did use the Law Office of Keegan &Co Attorneys LLC as my representation at that time.  My bankruptcy went through easily and I have since been able to restore my credit rating higher than it has probably ever been.  Bankruptcy will not ruin your credit, but may actually improve your credit and the creditors may be more likely to extend you credit after bankruptcy because they know you cannot file again for another 8 years.


The main objective to rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy is to pay all debts that you have reaffirmed on time.  Also any new debt that you incur you should also pay this on time and not allow any debt to go into collection.  Follow these rules and before you know it you will be able to obtain more credit.

Of course you do want to wait a while before you go out and try to get new credit which turns into debt.  Why would you want to create debt anyway when you just went through a process of getting rid of debt and you cannot do it again for another 8 years.  It is best to live on the cash that you make and not credit.  There is nothing wrong with living on what you make, that is called living within your means.  When you start buying things on credit you are basically living above your means.  If you can’t pay for it with cash, do you really need it?  These are the important questions you have to ask yourself.



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Do not let the media and other sources make you feel unworthy when you decide bankruptcy is the only way out of your current financial situation.

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