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Are you thinking of filing for bankruptcy? You should contact our Eastgate Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney. Bankruptcy is designed to help people get back on their feet and a fresh financial start.



The word bankruptcy is derived from the itialian word banca rotta which means “broken bench” which may stem from the custom of breaking a money changer’s bench or counter to signify his insolvency, or may just be a figure of speech. But it does not mean that you are a broken person. You are just a person going through a rough financial time. People have been dealing with debt for centuries, we are very lucky nowadays to have bankruptcy protection available to us. In ancient Greece the whole family would be put into debtor slavery until your debts were paid in full. Imagine that, your children enslaved because of the debts that you were not able to pay. I don’t think any of us would want to be in that situation. Today you just contact an attorney and see if you qualify for bankruptcy protection.


What are the steps for going through a bankruptcy? The first step is to contact our Eastgate, Ohio bankruptcy attorney to schedule your free consultation to discuss your current situation. If you decide to move forward, we will file your case once all of your fees are paid in full. In the mean time you will refer your creditors to our office and we will advise them that you have retained this office to file bankruptcy for you and they should not harass you by phone anymore.

Once you retain our office we will give you a list of documents that will be required by the court for your bankruptcy filing. You will then have a second appointment to gather this information from you. There will be a credit counseling session that you will need to do prior to filing, we will give you this information when the time comes. Once all documentation is received you will have a signing appointment and your case will be filed in a matter of days. (This may sound like alot of work, but it will be worth it in the end). Once your case is filed all of your creditors will receive notice from the bankruptcy court. The next step will be your bankruptcy court date , which is called a “341 Meeting of Creditors” this will be approximately 4-6 weeks from filing. Your court date will be held at either Cincinnati or Dayton.


In the meantime you will need to do a second credit session. There may be a reaffirmation agreement for you to sign, if you are keeping any secured debts and then you will receive your Chapter 7 Discharge and have a fresh financial start with your life.

What is a reaffirmation agreement? This is a bankruptcy document which you will sign to keep a secured debt such as a vehicle or home. The signing of this reaffmiration agreement guarantees that the creditor will continue to report your payments to the credit reporting agencies and help to re-build your credit rating after Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

If you are above income, have too much equity or would like to stop a foreclosure or vehicle repossession, then Chapter 13 bankruptcy would be available for you. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a three to five year repayment plan where you would pay back a percentage of your debts and all of your secured debts including any missed payments on your vehicle or home.

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