Tax Time is Bankruptcy Time

We are bankruptcy attorneys located in Eastgate, Ohio.  We specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings.

Are you struggling with debt?  Has your mail box become your enemy?  And that phone.  it just seems to ring all the time from morning to night!  Even on the weekends as you try to rest the phone calls start before you even raise your head, bill collectors looking to get a payment from you? What a way to start off the day!   Sure if you had it you would pay them, but the problem many people face is they just do not have the funds to make these bills.

People can get into these situations for a number of reasons.  This can result from job loss, divorce, a medical emergency or a number of other reasons.  People do not usually put themselves into these situations on purpose.  It is most likely due to conditions that are out of the persons control.

Many people frown on the thought of bankruptcy, thinking it will ruin their financial lives forever. This is simply not true.  Many people end up with a better credit rating after the filing of a bankruptcy.

Filing for bankruptcy protection will give you relief from all of those creditor calls and other collection efforts by creditors.  Once you file for bankruptcy the creditors must stop all collection efforts, this includes phone harassment, sending you bills in the mail, court proceeding and garnishments.  Even if you already have a judgment and your wages are already being garnished once you file for bankruptcy protection the garnishment must stop.

Bankruptcy can provide you with peace of mind and a fresh financial start.

Bankruptcy is not free, of course.  But at our office we do offer a free consultation.  At this free consultation you will be able to sit down with one of our attorneys and discuss your individual situation.  A small retainer fee will get things started and we will then accept payments until you pay in full and then we will file your case.  That is why tax time is bankruptcy time!  You can avoid the hassle of another payment and waiting months for you to come up with the funds to pay for bankruptcy, in the mean time creditors can still collect on you and each day that passes it is more likely that they will soon take you to court and try to garnish your wages.  At tax time you will most likely have the full fee up front.  This means that you can pay and get filed right away.  You will get on the path quicker to your fresh financial start.  It will be worth it to spend your tax refund on your financial future.  After bankruptcy many doors will open.  You will be surprised at the number of credit offers you will receive once you file for protection.  Of course this does not mean that you have to accept these offers.  You will be surprised how quickly you will re-build your credit after filing for bankruptcy protection.  The most important factor is to pay any bills you keep on time.


If you are struggling with debt and need more information you can check out our website at Keegan  or just give us a call at 513-752-3900 and set up your free consultation to see if bankruptcy is the right financial path for you.