Should I Hire the Cheapest Bankruptcy Lawyer I Can Find?

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Some people seem fixated on getting the cheapest cost they can for every thing they buy.  That might work when buying an electronic gadget, but it doesn’t work very well when hiring a bankruptcy attorney.


If you had to have major surgery, say open heart surgery, would you want to find the cheapest open heart surgeon?  Of course not!  You would want to know how may surgeries they had done, how long the surgeon had been doing that kind of surgery, what kind of reputation the surgeon had in the community.  While some might think that your financial future is not as important as open heart surgery, it is still important.  Fee should not be the only part of the consideration when deciding to hire a bankruptcy attorney.


There are several places to check an attorney’s reputation and references, but the best way to find the best attorney for your situation is usually word of mouth.  Ask your friends and co-workers who they used when they were faced with a similar situation.  You will be surprised that most of your friends and co-workers have experienced the same type of situation that you are going through and will most likely be able to guide to a good attorney, or guide you away from a bad one.  Remember, you are not the first person to be faced with financial difficulty.  The attorney you choose is just as important as the decision to file for bankruptcy.


Friends of mine needed work done on their home.  They got bids from several contractors.  Some of the bids were really low.  The looked at the low bids and wondered how the contractor could afford to do the work for the low bid.  And you know what?  They were probably right.  There was probably no way the contractor could do the job they were expecting for the amount quoted.  The contractor would have to cut corners.  They are not going to be able to do all of the work need to properly handle the bankruptcy case.

Do you want an attorney who feels like he had to do the minimum he can for your case or someone who will take an active interest in your case and make sure that everything is done properly.  If you want the latter, you want to look beyond the amount of the fee.  Otherwise, you may spend a lot more getting it fixed than just paying a fair amount in the beginning.


At our office we offer your a free consultation.  The attorney will quote you a fee based on your individual case.  Our fee may not be the lowest, but it will not be the highest either.  We offer fair fees for the services we provide.  We will walk you through your case and guide you every step of the way.  We will care about your case and your individual situation.  Bankruptcy may be the cure for your financial difficulties.


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