Bankruptcy & Utility Bills

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As of today spring is only 31 days away!  We are all looking forward to spring.  It has been a long winter.  In the end it is also turning into a very cold and snowy winter.  Keeping your home warm is a priority.  No one wants to be cold, especially in your home.  But with these temperatures it is even difficult to keep your home warm, people bundle up on the couch under blankets to keep warm, wear layers of clothes and hope they don’t have to go outside. With these temperatures, you do not even need to crank up the heat to make your furnace work overtime.  Just keeping your home barely comfortable can result in high utility bills.  But it is cold outside and we need to keep warm and in these days the utility company is our main supplier of our warmth, so we keep the thermostat down as far as we can, bundle up and dread the utility bills.  During the cold winter months utilities bills can get out of control.

The utility companies do not really care that it is wintertime, and your bill is outrageous, their main concern is their bottom line – collecting funds and turning a profit for the services they provide.  So for many, their utility costs will skyrocket and before they know it they will have a disconnection notice from the utility company.  This is the last thing that you want is your utility off during the cold months.  Sometimes they will work with you and make a payment arrangement, this is good.  But for many the arrangement they want to set up is not feasible due to the high running balance on their bill.  Bankruptcy may be a option for people facing this dilemma.


Yes, you can file for bankruptcy protection on your utility bills, such as your electric bill.  If you file for bankruptcy you will be under the protection of the bankruptcy stay and the utility company will not be able to shut off your utility.  They will start your bill off fresh from your filing date going forward.


You can file for bankruptcy protection under most debts.  The real question here is what types of debts may not be discharged under the bankruptcy code.  Non-dischargeable debts include debts such as spousal or child support, student loans, criminal fines and most taxes.  Most other types of debts that you can think of can be discharged through a bankruptcy case.  Credit card debt, medical debt, deficiency balances on items that have been returned to creditors, all of these may be discharged through a bankruptcy.


The first step to deciding if bankruptcy is the right decision for you is setting up your free consultation at our office.  At this free consultation you will be able to sit down with one of our experienced attorneys and discuss your individual situation.  They will advise you of the best path for you to take.  If bankruptcy is the resolution to your current situation.  If you do decide to move forward a small retainer will get things started and we will then accept monthly payments on your account, during the time you are making payments you can refer your creditors to our office.  This will ease your mind.  Of course if you have a utility shut off you would want to hurry up this process so that we can go ahead and get your case filed.  We will guide you as to the documents you will need to gather to file your case.


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Call today for your free consultation at our Eastgate, Ohio bankruptcy office.  We will be able to help you get a fresh financial start.  Fair fees and monthly payment plans.