We are the law firm of Keegan & Co Attorneys LLC.  We are a bankruptcy firm located in Eastgate, Ohio.

Are your struggling with debt?  Credit card debt, medical debt and all types of other debts can become overwhelming.  Bankruptcy may provide you with the financial relief you are looking for.

Many reasons contribute to a person struggling with debt.  Job loss, medical issues, loss of a spouse or even in today’s economy the increase of health insurance costs will play a major factor.  Every year in the United States thousands of people file for bankruptcy protection, bankruptcy can too help you to get a fresh financial start.


The first step if you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy is to sit down with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to discuss your options.  At our firm we offer a free consultation, at this consultation you will be able to sit down with one of our attorneys and discuss your individual situation.  The attorney would then be able to advise you on your best financial options.

If you decide to proceed with the process of bankruptcy, you will then put down a small down payment and we will accept monthly payments until your paid we then will file your case.

In the meantime we will be gathering information from you.  It is crucial that you are honest as to all your debts, assets, income and expenses, you may feel that it is personal, but bankruptcy is a personal issue.  Of course there could be small things that you forget, but when you sign your documentation you will be given a chance to review all of your information and you will sign that all information is “complete and accurate”, to the best of your knowledge.  Filing your signature on this final page of your bankruptcy petition is basically your signature under oath.  Deliberate omission of requested information could lead to serious repercussions.  A few oversights or errors probably will not ruin your petition and you will likely be given a change to correct them, however, double-check all the information before filing to be sure you did not omit any of your assets or debts.


You must list all of your creditors on your case.  There may be creditors you do not wish to list on your bankruptcy filing, including friends or business owners that you have a relationship with.  Although your motives may be well intended, remember that any omission could be considered bankruptcy fraud.  You must list all creditors who you carry a balance with.

You may have debts reporting on your credit that you dispute, these debts also will need to be listed in your case.  If you dispute the debt this is one way to make sure it gets off of your credit.


Once your case is signed we will then file your case.  You will have a court date, which is called a 341 Meeting of Creditors in 4-6 weeks, we will appear at this meeting with you.  This meeting gives creditors a chance to object to your bankruptcy filing, however, most of the time creditors do not show up at these meetings.  They must have good reason to dispute your discharge.

A discharge is the document you will receive which will deem all of your debts listed on the case uncollectable, and creditors will not be able to contact you regarding these debts in any form.


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Contact our Eastgate, Ohio bankruptcy attorney today for your free consultation to see if bankruptcy will give you the financial relief you are looking for.