Bankruptcy Fees

We are bankruptcy attorneys located in Eastgate, Ohio.

The main concern for many, when they are considering ways to fix their financial problems, is how much will it cost? This is a valid concern that must be looked at closely. Many debt consolidation services or other methods to pay down debt often come with high interest rates and fees that can put you in a worse situation.

When it comes to a bankruptcy filing, there are definately fees involved. But it is important to look at the big picture and decide if the process will allow for you to get out of debt and get a fresh financial start with your life. For many, bankruptcy is the only option they have, it is the last resort. After finally realizing that something needs to be done, many of these same people will then worry about how much this filing will cost. What comes as a surprise is the fact the filing fees are reasonable considering the complexity of the situation.

With the help of a qualified, experienced bankruptcy laywer, you will be able to approach this difficult and stressful process in the most effective manner while keeping costs at a minimum.

Like any other service professional, such as doctors or mechanics, bankruptcy attorneys base their fee on their experience and ability to perform the task, along with the specifics of your individual case. Going with the attorney that offers the lowest fee is not always the best, remember, you get what you pay for and the lowest fee guy may not be able to handle your case as expertly as it deserves.

Keegan &Co Attorneys LLC Co., LPA has made it a primary concern to consistently propose rates that are sustainable and realistic. We will offer the professionalism and productivity equal to more expensive avenues of representation, while basing our rates on the complexity of the case, and nothing more. Keegan &Co Attorneys LLC Co., LPA understands that many considering bankruptcy are in a desperate situation and will make sure to take immediate action so that you can start resolving this issue right away.

We offer a free consultation to begin the process. At this consultation the attorney will quote you a fee based on your individual situation. If you decide to move forward a small retainer fee will get things started. At that point you will be able to refer your creditors to our office and let them know that you plan on filing bankruptcy. We will then accept monthly payments until your fees are paid in full, then we file your case.

There are two primary fees involved in a bankruptcy filing. One is the base fee for filing with the court, and the other is the attorney’s fee. Our office offers rates that allow you to focus your energy on getting through the bankruptcy process and not worry about how you are going to pay to file for bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy court payments for a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filing:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – $306
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – $281

When it comes to attorney fees, Keegan & Co Attorneys LLC works on a fee that is realistic for all parties involved, but fees are based on your individual situation so you must call and make your appointment for your free consultation today at 513-752-3900.

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