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We are bankruptcy attorneys located in Eastgate, Ohio.  We specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filings.  We have helped thousands get out of debt and can help you too!

Ever feel that you are all alone in your struggles with debt?  Sitting on the edge with no one to help you and no where to turn?  You have extended all the help from your family and cannot ask for more.  You are extended at every end and the rope is getting thin?  There is help.  There are answers to your struggles.  People have been struggling with debt for centuries, this is nothing new.  In the Old Testament every 7 years a creditor would have to forgive all the old debts of his debtors, now that would not quite work nowadays, can you imagine the abuse?  People would have no incentive to pay their bills! In Greek times if you could not pay your debtors you could be put into debtor prison, not only you but your spouse and your children as well.  People struggling with debt is probably about as old as history, it is nothing new and nothing to be ashamed of.  In society today we have bankruptcy available for those who are struggling with debt.  Bankruptcy is a last resort for most due to the stereotypes created in Hollywood of the bankruptcy debtor.  The picture of expensive vacations and extravagant spending, however, the typical person filing bankruptcy is more likely the struggling young couple with young children trying to put dinner on the table.  Or more sadly the older couple who have worked hard their entire lives, but with the soaring cost of living and rising health care costs, just cannot make it anymore and finally turn to file for bankruptcy protection.


If you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy protection, the first step is to come into our office and have a free consultation.  At this free consultation you will be able to sit down with an attorney and discuss your individual situation.  They will then guide you as to the best next step for you.  If you do decide to file for bankruptcy protection a small retainer fee will get things started.  You can then refer your creditors to our office until you file your case.


Once you file your bankruptcy case you will be under the protection of the bankruptcy stay.  Under the bankruptcy automatic stay all collection efforts against you by creditors must stop.  This means mail harassment, phone harassment, court proceedings and garnishments.  It will be against the law for any creditor to contact you in any way.

Upon completion of your case you will receive a discharge.  A discharge is a bankruptcy document which deems all your debts wiped out, gone, a fresh financial start!  This is a very important document and you will want to keep it with your other important documents.  You will then be on your way with your new financial start.


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Call your Eastgate, Ohio bankruptcy attorney today for your free consultation.  We have helped thousands out of debt and can help you too!