We are bankruptcy attorneys located in Eastgate, Ohio.  We specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings.

Lets be realistic here, everyone knows when they are getting in over their heads financially, things are just going wrong, out of your control, so many factors could play into this situation and you untitledknow you have to do something to fix it, but most will just wait, keep their eyes closed and hope that nothing bad happens.  The creditors keep calling and the mail box is full of too many bills, you may hope that they will just away and forget that they they are owed money, unfortunately, this is never going to happen.  Creditors will relentlessly try to collect from you and every time they sell your loan the statute of limitations will begin again, debts do not go away on their own.

You need to follow the boy scout motto and “be prepared” if you know you owe debts and you have fallen behind or cannot make your payments there are steps you should be taking to protect yourself.  There is nothing worse than reacting to a financial crisis after it has occurred, such as a wage garnishment or bank levy.

You are able to obtain copies of your credit reports annually for free, you should do this.  Even old accounts could lead to lawsuit, as previously stated debts do not just go away on their own.  On your credit report be sure to check the public record section, this will show you if there have been any lawsuits filed against you.  Is your current employer listed on your credit report?  Collection agencies and creditors will do their best to search for this information and your credit report will be the first place they will look.

You do want to keep your bank accounts at a minimum if you have outstanding debts out there.  Today creditors can more easily levy bank accounts and no longer have to levy the branch where you opened your account.  They simply have to provide the corporate office with the judicial order authorizing the bank levy.  Once they levy your bank account most likely you will not be able to get these fund back even if you file for bankruptcy.

If there has been a law  suit you can contact the creditor and make a payment arrangement with them to possibly avoid wage garnishment or a bank levy.

But really what you most likely need to do is file for bankruptcy protection.  At our office we will offer you a free consultation and payment plan.  Once you retain this office you may refer your creditors to us and we will work with them until your case is filed.  Just retaining the office though, does not stop any current wage garnishments or bank levies.  You will need to pay your fees in full and file your case right away to stop these procedure.

Be prepared, don’t just sit back and let the creditors take control of your financial destiny.  Take control of your own finances, bankruptcy is not the end of the world, usually things will look up after bankruptcy.  Many feel it is rock bottom, but this is not true, it will give you a fresh financial start, a re-do.


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