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Summer is quickly fading to fall, nothing is more spectacular than a warm crisp autumn day.  Soaking up the warm sunshine and taking in the beautiful sights of all the fall colors.  Yellows, reds and oranges dominate the landscape of leaves and drying crops it truly is beautiful and relaxing.  The quiet of a day with the warm air and the birds gone all you hear is a crow cawing above, white fluffy clouds float above lying in dry crisp grass.  If only those types of days could last forever that would be wonderful, but that is the thing about fall, one day its warm and beautiful, the next its cold and rainy and you are reminded of what is coming.  The warm days will slowly turn into colder and colder days, you know the routine it happens at the same time every year, cold weather that slowly turns into winter.  The thought of winter can be overwhelming to some, it is harder to get by in the wintertime than in the warmer months, utilities get more costly, you cannot grow any of your own food to cut down on your grocery bill, things just get tougher as the weather gets colder

For many, maybe even you winter will be the straw that will break the monkeys back  on the financial end.  You may already be barely making it each, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.  Borrowing from outside sources, you may even be in the cycle of borrowing and never being able to get out of the cycle of borrowing because once you pay back what you borrowed you need to borrow more just so you make it through to the next is a vicious cycle to be in.

If you are struggling each month with medical or credit card debt and wondering how you will make your minimum payments and keep up with your utilities this coming months maybe bankruptcy could be an option for your.  Bankruptcy is a federal statute that will allow you to discharge all of your debts.  Discharge means that you will be able to wipe away all of your current unsecured debt and start over again.  Once you file for bankruptcy protection all collection efforts by creditors must stop.

There are two basic chapters of bankruptcy available to the general consumer.  Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.


Under Chapter 7 you will be able to discharge all of your unsecured debts and not have to pay any of them back.  You will be able to keep your home and car if you desire to.  You will resign on these assets by signing a reaffirmation agreement which will be filed with the court.  Chapter 7 is referred to as straight or simple bankruptcy, because most are just that, straight and simple.  Most of your assets will be able to be protected under chapter 7  If you wish to file chapter 7 and keep your home or vehicle you must be current on your payments.


If you are not current on your home or car or you do not qualify for chapter 7 you will may be able to file a Chapter 13.  Chapter 13 is also referred to as a “wage earner” plan because in order to file for Chapter 13 protection you must have a reliable source of income so that you can repay all or a portion of your debt.  Under Chapter 13 you will be in the case for three to five years and you will be able to save your home from foreclosure or your vehicle from repossession.


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