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Our Services

Keegan & Co Attorneys, LLC are your Clermont County / Eastgate Cincinnati bankruptcy attorneys.

Our Services

Chapter 13 bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is usually filed to stop a Foreclosure and Sheriff’s sale of a client’s property. With a Chapter 13 case, our attorneys can force your bank to allow you to catch up your mortgage arrearage over a number of years. This is done by order of the court and the bank cannot refuse to accept these catch up payments. We can stop a foreclosure right up until the morning of the Sheriff’s sale.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy provides our clients with a fresh start. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will wipe out all debts except child-support, student loans and some tax debt. Depending on the circumstances, a lot of tax debt may be discharged. Secured debt such as debt on houses and cars can be discharged as well, although the creditor will eventually receive it’s collateral back in complete satisfaction of the debt. Credit card debt, medical bills, unsecured loans, etc. are all wiped out. Every individual’s facts and circumstances are different, but we will analyze your situation with a free consultation and advise you accordingly.[/expand]

Debt Consolidation
Stopping creditor harassment
Stopping mortgage foreclosures
Stopping wage garnishments

Credit restoration
Stopping bank accounts seizures
Stopping automobile repossession and lease returns
Creditor lawsuits

Fair debt collections practices act representation

Asset protection

Pre-Bankruptcy Planning

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